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About Social Power Information Technology

Social Power Information Technology sticks to its mission of "contributing to social efficiency", stays true to its goal of servicing staff, enterprises, and people's livelihood, creates a one-stop on-line and off-line human resource service system. Provide social insurance/provident fund vicarious service, commercial insurance, salary service, service outsourcing, labour dispatch, human cost optimization and other services for enterprise users.

The company has received several rounds of investment from ZhenFund, Volcanics Venture, Vision Capital , Z Ventures Grop, Juzhuo Capital, and RECRUIT Group, harvesting a rapid growth of business.

  • Serve staff
  • Serve enterprises
  • Serve people's livelihood


In May, Shebaotong V1.0 kicked off on both PC and WeChat;
In September, Shebaotongv 2.0 was launched to be followed by successful operation of products;
In November, we got angel round investment of ten million yuan from ZhenFund ;
In December, API kicked off

In April, we got A round of investment of 30 million yuan from Volcanics Venture, ZhenFund and Z Ventures Grop;
In September, Shebaotong V3.0 rolled out solemnly, followed by the signing of Recruit strategic cooperation;
In December, White paper on labour and social security policies was issued

In May, we got A+ round of financing with tens of millions of yuan from Vision Capital , ZhenFund,Volcanics Venture, Z Ventures Grop, and RECRUIT;
In June, we hosted human resource product and service innovation summit, where Shebaotong V4.0 was released solemnly, so did Ruzhitong, Xinzitong, Pubaotog and other new products;
In November, we was named as "national high-tech enterprise"

In March, we won the prize of "the most potential human resource service organization in greater China 2018"
In April, DORA assistant and Social Security Cloud were officially released;
In June, we appeared on the list of Forbes 2018 unlisted potential companies

In January,Published the research report on the compensation and welfare protection of Chinese enterprises in 2018-2019 and the white paper on labor and social security policies in 2019 (National and Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei)

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Social Power Information Technology, headquartered in Shanghai, has dozens of branches across the country, building CSSN, China's smart human resources service backbone network

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Service email: Service@shebaotong.com Complaint email: tousu@shebaotong.com Website: www.shebaochina.com

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