DORA assistant

Assisting APPs specially developed for employees, coupled with enterprise service products ,
serve employee's entry handling, daily office work, salary and welfare and other daily modules

Self-service signing for fast entry

Employee's entry handling on mobile terminal comes easy, and one-key on-line data review for better performance
1.Scan ID card and bind the company
2.Sign labour contract
3. Interact with colleagues

On-line query of data details

Support detailed record of employee's monthly contributions and earnings
  • Support easy knowledge of salary details, including social insurance and housing fund as well as individual income tax
  • An clear knowledge of monthly date and an accessible historical data
  • Encrypt salary slip to protect personal privacy

Address book &
colleagues circle to enable
seamless communication

A smoother communication from now on
  • Quickly check the contact information of
    colleagues with convenience and efficiency
  • Share your work and life at any time and
    anywhere for a closer tie with your colleagues

On-line signing of electronic contracts

Realize smart electronic office
  • No paper printing required, it is cost saving and environmental friendly
  • Reduce risks for affixing of seal

Empower enterprises and
make it convenient for staff

Save efforts for staff: relevance in work and life to help employees
improve efficiency and daily work satisfaction
Benefits for enterprises: Enhance sense of belonging and increased performance of employees,
strengthen enterprise cohesion
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