Why do efforts for people's livelihood need data support?

By building a "digital social security", giving full play to big data serves as the basic strategic resource in this field,
and informing scientific decision making with targeted management and services,
so that better services are offered for social security, medical insurance,
talent building and other endeavors related to government and people's livelihood.

Social security cloud

Through explorative efforts in big data, artificial intelligence and other fields based on advanced Internet technology,
"social security cloud" focuses on "Internet + digital social security " industry solutions to make it people-oriented, smart and transparent,
manage assets to inform macro decision making, and contribute to the reform of "one trip to get things done".

Internet + social security community service platform
for social security services to reach grass roots and have the "issues of last mile" solved.

Grass-roots services to provide support and training for information service windows at district, town and village levels,
overseeing and analyzing operations to achieve standardization of business operation,
precision of business training, and diversity of business assessment.

  • Internal control of business audit

    Conduct in-depth analysis of operation at grass-roots, achieve visualization of operation and record of business operation throughout to monitor risks. Put in place a system for antecedent supervision, warning during the events and after-event tracing.

  • Staff performance assessment

    Analyze business operation, record and analyze business running time, total number of transaction and efficiency to assist in the assessment.

  • Unified resource management and training

    For the purpose of improving the ability of operators at the grass-roots and addressing the issues of staff turnover, a comprehensive on-line business training course is provided and business application and acceptance are supported to make grassroots business alignment smooth and efficient.

  • Smart alarm

    Put in place real-time alarm for sensitive business operations, flexible rules for background analysis, and a guarantee for stable and secure grassroots operations.

Smart identification of medical insurance bill reimbursement
Achieve one-window acceptance and intelligent review,
contributing to the "one trip to get things done" reform of medical insurance reimbursement.

Conduct scanning acceptance of out-of-town medical bills at grassroots;
make health insurance business reachable to grassroots on one nearest trip with all things done;
and rely on mature image recognition technology to achieve smart approval and quick reimbursement.

Social security business big data analysis platform
adopts data intelligence to build a service-oriented government and inform decision-making

Through data modeling, mining, analysis, cascade drilling, visualization, machine learning and other applications,
to sustain data analysis and intelligent decision-making in social security and related fields.

Subject analysis Equilibrium calculating Operational analysis
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Cross-border business integration of big data
Manage social security data assets and assist different departments and agencies

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