Maybe you're having these problems.

Maybe you're having these problems.


Help enterprises handle entry and exit formalities on-line and manage employee files,
enabling HR to login HR SaaS platform to handle employee entry related work, cutting costs and reducing risks.

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Reduce entry to a simple three-step process

Perfect basic functions assisting HR in managing the whole company

  • Electronic roster:

    Unified management of employee information, standardization of file management

  • Convenient operation:

    Support bulk import updates, fast filtering and search by employee field

  • CFile management:

    Support scanning copy management, and warning against contract expiration

  • History tracing:

    Traceable revision history of recruitment information

  • User-defined supplement:

    HR can add custom fields for personalized management

  • Multiple series:

    The organizational structure does not limit the number of levels and is thus applicable to complex organizations

  • Visual presentation:

    Visual organization chart supports drag-and-drop operations

  • Post management:

    Customize the department, position, region and approval channels of employees

  • History tracing:

    Flexible organizational adjustment and traceable change history

  • Smart alert:

    An automatic reminder can be set up for important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and entry date

  • Birthday blessing:

    Send birthday wishes in groups or separately

Multidimensional data statistics to help managers truly understand employees

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