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Multiple needs pressure to cut costs inefficiency and trifles various demands
Suppose that Xiao Wang likes mooncakes and Xiao Li likes fruit, what is the best way for a budget of 200 per person? HR is in the face of a big trouble, but employees are hard to satisfy
Ever-changing suppliers, weak ability to bargain, no wholesale discounts for small purchases, HR talking himself hoarse, and a dissatisfied boss
Irregular procurement facing various needs, like employee benefits, customer giftsand office supplies...
Personnel statistics and lengthy internal approval process within the companyare required, plus efforts to coordinate with suppliers for delivery time and quantity to have gifts sent.


A platform for employee mall, welfare, gifts, bonus operation, ticket cooperation, brand operation, employee incentive scheme and employee care to work smoothly together
Provide enterprises with comprehensive employee care incentives, promotion incentives, customer loyalty management, and ultra-low discount for employee as privilegesand other services

  • Mall

  • Benefit

  • Bonus operation

  • Ticketing cooperation

  • Brand operation

  • Employee incentive scheme

  • Employee care

  • MORE

Why choose Zhenfuli?

  • Benefits budget = bonus

    At the disposal of employees

    Cover various consumption scenarios to meet the personalized needs of employees.Significantly increase employee satisfaction with benefits

  • Proprietary OS

    More efficient one-stop management

    Support one-time allocation of annual benefits, smart reminder, and come into effect on time.Reasonable allocation of welfare budget to reduce the workload of HR

  • High-efficient work

    Improve HR efficiency

    Visual statistics statement exported with one key in the background, with welfare expenditure clear at a glance.Beautiful interface and smooth operation to deliver excellent user experience

Many application scenarios for employers and employees.

Changing employee benefits from now on.


  • Reduce employee benefit issuance costs
  • Purchase gifts, office supplies, etc. at welfare prices on the platform
  • No need to find new suppliers/management suppliers every time you purchase
  • Create a good employer image and attract more talent
  • Employee benefits as a reward system to motivate employees


  • Have more product options
  • Can plan and coordinate how to use points
  • Express delivery, no need to carry it home
  • Participate in value-added activities such as group purchases, spikes, and in-house purchases to enjoy more daily benefits.

It only takes five steps to change the traditional system.

Companies provide employee information

Complete registration review within one working day

Employees download APP

Complete certification in 3 minutes to obtain bonus

Prove after-sales support

Professional customer service center allowing for sales return, exchange, and refund at any time

Fast home delivery

APP docking logistics information to enable real-time view, and benefits reachable within 1-3 days

Place order for welfare products chosen
by employees

Delivery within 48 hours

More reasons to choose Zhenfuli

  • More precise

    Big data supporting accurate analysis of employees' preferences and thus better fitting their needs.Integrate quality supplier resources to provide more choices at lower prices.A wide variety of self-selected benefits covering the whole scene to meet differentiated consumption

  • Customizable

    Support personalized ordering according to the budget requirement of the enterprise.Able to be integrated into corporate cultureso as to increase team cohesion, and enhance staff's sense of belonging

  • More reliable

    Dedicated service team to offer professional service process and standard support.Traceable products and data, with reasonable process and transaction compliance.Low financial risks, safe and reliable audit

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