Maybe you're having these problems.

Maybe you're having these problems.

  • Lack of staff

    A poorly-staffed HR team forces its members to hold several posts simultaneously with attention distracted

    Unsound HR management systemwith low efficiency of recruitment and high risk of employment

    Resumes are cluttered and repetitive, entailing time-consuming work for screening and entry

  • Lack of resumes

    Recruitment channels are few, resumes are difficult to obtain, and recruitment progress is slow.Weak brand appeal make it hard for employers to attract talents.The resumes obtained do not fit the recruitment position, and there is a lack of talents needed.Resume reserves are limited, the enterprise talent pool is built for show


Support Recruitment Process Outsourcing, short-term flexible labour and other services

HR can log on to the HR Work platform to handle recruitment related work

  • RPO

  • Flexible employment

  • On-line processing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Provide customized recruitment process outsourcing in whole or in part, help enterprises improve recruitment strategies, optimize procedures, and ensure high-quality recruitment results so as to cut recruitment costs, reduce recruitment time and improve recruitment quality

We also provide
  • Whole-process recruitment process outsourcing service
  • Campus recruitment service
  • Customized services for recruitment process
  • Non-first-tier city Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Specialized recruitment process outsourcing services
How do we serve

How do we serve

Flexible employment

Provide short, medium and long term projects and personnel outsourcing to address the issue of staffing shortage due to recruiting season, new projects, short-term replacement of staff and tight staffing.Help enterprises to fill the emergency labour gap, reduce labour risk and cut labour costs.

We also provide
  • Talent dispatch
  • Jobs outsourcing
  • Business outsourcing

Convenient working platform

Help HR handle recruitment on-line with ease

  • Single click and tons of resumes are imported

    Upload resumes in batches, check and remove duplicate.Realize one-stop unified management.Help enterprises build and own their own talent pool

  • Customize keyword-based filtering

    Help HR search quickly for the right resumes according to different job requirements.Increase the interview success rate

  • Real time control of recruitment throughout

    From interview invitation, interview to job offersending,everything is on the record for easy check

Zhaopintong is more than recruitment

  • Cut recruitment costs for enterprises

    Reduce manpower cost by cutting a lot of posts required for operational work;It helps HR save time and energy during the recruitment process.Maximize HR effectiveness

  • Improve HR management level

    Liberate HR from routine administrative affairs so they can focus on HR strategies and core issues.Improve HR managementlevel

  • Obtain professional management technology platform

    There is no need for companies to input of huge amount on the part of companies and routine self-maintenance for purchasing platform and related hardwares. With the usage of SaaS platform , Efficient personnel management is possible for companies.

  • Reduce management risk

    In the face of ever-changing labour and personnel laws and regulations,remarkable differences in regional policies,Zhaopintong can help you eliminate management blind spots,reduce risk and relieve stress

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