Maybe you're having these problems

  • Uninformed decision-making

    Decision-making depends on historical experience withno data for reference,
    unable to detect and effectively solve local problems

  • Data accuracy is hard to achieve

    Multiple types of data on various aspects,
    and high error rate related to manual input and audit

  • Risks are difficult to monitor

    Expanded social insurance coverage, growing number of people insured,
    increasing size of funds, more complex business, and difficulty in monitoring links

  • Window of people's livelihood hard to extend

    Concentrated business windows, specified window for business,
    and many long trips cause inconvenience to the public

Government public service

Build a big data platform capable of integrating governmental and social data;
provide different types of big data applications for government departments,
public institutions and enterprises;offer platform-level services for the
development and application of big data on government affairs.
Social security cloud Government and enterprise service sharing platform

Social security cloud Government and enterprise service sharing platform

Social security cloud

An expertise-based platform to support the service-oriented government,
and a data-supported intelligence to empower administrative decision

  • Social security grassroots service platform

    Operational audit
    staff performance assessment
    Unified resource management and training
    Smart alarm

  • Reimbursement identification of medical insurance bills

    Smart approval of non-local medical treatment
    one-window integrated service

  • Data analysis

    Business data analysis
    Data mining and analysis
    Fund supervision and audit

  • Visual decision analysis

    Visual large screen
    Real-time representation of statistical analysis
    Policy prediction review

  • Digital arbitration

    Internet + arbitration
    Networking at provincial, municipal and county levels

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Government and enterprise service sharing platform

Serve local economy, attract talent and brain, and promote employment effectively

  • Recruitment management

    Recruitment outsourcing

    RPO service

    Resume database

    Recruitment tracking

  • Entry management

    Out-of-town employment

    Self-uploading of information

    On-line review

    Electronic contracts

  • Salary administration

    Attendance statistics

    Salary setting

    Big data on salary

    Salary calculation

    Tax insurance claim

  • Social security/provident fund management

    Self-help submission of personal information through mobile terminal

    Social security calculator

    Deadline reminder

    Social security policy library

  • Commercial insurance management


    Wide coverage

    On-line purchase, add and and delete

    CIRC filing of on-line sales

  • Welfare management

    Wholesale purchase

    Flexible benefits

    Free choice

    Home delivery

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Our advantages

  • Leader's cockpit

    Link Multi-system data
    on a data center ,
    to maximize data value
    and inform decision analysis

  • Statement generator

    Multiple business subject analysis to generate diversified and visual statements,along with statistics, analysis and other intelligent operations

  • Data safe

    Database intelligent supervision
    to ensure data security and robustness

  • Acceleration station for business

    Extend service window for unified source of data on service-oriented government,integrate data sources, and help promote reforms of "one trip to get things done"

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