• The entry threshold of front-line employees is low and the competition is fierce in food and beverage, chain fast consumer goods, financial real estate and other industries, with a high turnover rateremains unchanged under the impact of performance appraisal pressure. In addition to the turnover cost and recruitment cost, other flow costs such as productivity loss will incurred to an enterprise.
Problems and challenges arising from employment turnover
  • Climbing enterprise cost (such as turnover cost, job vacancy cost, replacement cost, training cost, production loss cost, etc.)
  • Increased HR workload arising from exit interview, salary settlement, urgent employment...
  • Damages to job chain and no quick access to alternatives will affect business operations
  • In an era with developed modern media, a high turnover rateremains unchanged will undermine the enterprise's reputation
  • Leak of trade secrets and loss of social connection and brain drain
SBC smart human resource solutions (overview)
  • RPO service

    Provide a "origin to destination" one-stop service to help companies recruit people to fill some or all the posts; assist in the preparation of recruitment plans, and lock the talents needed and qualified from out of the vast resume database to complete recruitment tasks quickly

  • Recruitment process management

    On-line SAAS system can realize real-time control of the whole recruitment process throughout all links, including requirements posting for pre-recruitment, candidate selection, appointment, scoring, and post-recruitment hiring

  • Talent pool building

    Support one-key batch import of bulk resumes, help enterprises build talent pool, support custom fields for enterprises to select relevant resumes flexibly and freely according to keywords

  • Salary calculation

    Automatic import of attendance information, accurate representation of salary data, on-line one-key operation, and simultaneous settlement and payment of social security/provident fund, personal income tax

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