• It is reported that the total number of Chinese enterprises is close to 4.3 million, 50% of which have 2-3 branches, and 5% of which have more than 4 branches; and in some cities, local social security contributions are required for access to medical treatment, settling down, children attending school and buying house and car, which makes it necessary to open an independent social security account where they work.
Problems and challenges arising from scattered regional distribution.
  • Assigning HR to open an account with the local social security bureau in each city can cause such problems as increased employment costs , or the need of expanding HR, or additional expenses of the trips thus incurred.
  • Strong professionalism, great diversity, rapid change of social security/provident fund policy will takes a lot of energy from HR when payments are made in batches by region.
  • Five social insurance and one housing fund involves different regulatory agencies and risks, as well as registration, collection, application, audit and other businesses, all involving tedious procedures. A full-time post of social insurance faces a short life cycle and frequent turnover, and the subsequent frequent handover can easily lead to information leakage and other risks.
SBC smart human resource solutions (overview)
  • Social security/provident fund agency

    Help enterprises open accounts for social security/provident fund, along with vicarious operation and other series of services

  • Shebaotong on-line platform

    Support enterprises to complete a series of operations, such as payment, adjustment and supplementary payment through on-line platform and API development port, and offer other services such as deadline reminder, policy information and counseling

  • Mobile-terminal information submission

    Employees can submit their ID and photos on their certified mobile phone terminal, and upload materials by themselves. No need for a company to collect and express paper materials when it handles social security/provident fund business for its employees

  • On-line self-help entry

    An enterprise can send the job invitation link to its employees, specify the required information and upload the ID card and other materials; then after the review by HR the enterprise can send out the labour contract for the employees to sign it on-line and complete the entry

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