• Flexible working hours are common in hotels, chains, factories, fast consumer goods and other industries involving long working hours, which leads to a complex scheduling and attendance statistics. Furthermore, work concerning bonus, commission, and performance adds to the complexity of payroll calculations.
Problems and challenges arising from complex salary calculation
  • Early, middle and late shift, as well as irregular working schedule make HR busy with scheduling and planning, which adds to the difficulty of attendance statistics and increases the workload of HR
  • Manual statistics of working hours and performance that vary among employees is inefficient and prone to errors.
  • In addition to calculation, the payment of salary also involves social security, provident fund payment, tax declaration payment and other jobs
SBC smart human resource solutions (overview)
  • Smart solution customization

    Provide multiple scheduling/payroll packages for different types of employees, customize salary items, enable syntax compatible with Excel, and support intermediate parameters

  • Automatic statistics

    Calculate monthly salary adjustment, and turnover wage according to actual attendance data; provide one-key accurate calculation of attendance, social security, and income taxes; generate complete salary statement, payroll, income tax returns, and reduce HR workload

  • Social security/provident fund agency

    Connect with Shebaotong for self-synchronizing of national tax policy and support all tax types

  • Self-service enquiries for staff

    Allow employees to self-check their salary details, such as five social insurance and one housing fund and individual tax payment for the current month and past months.

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