• Report on China's employee welfare and security index in large and medium-sized cities shows that 51.5% of workers have chosento buy commercial supplementary insurance. A survey carried out in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian shows a 10% rate of joining insurance among private enterprises. In recent years, however, about 70% of the serious accidents happened in small and medium-sized private enterprises.
Problems and challenges arising from employment risks
  • In case of an occupational injury, the employer needs to undertake corresponding compensation by itself, which means a highly potential risk
  • Commercial insurance prices are affected by factors such as the number of employees, age of employees, industry and nature of work , and group prices are hard to come by if a firm buys it separately from insurance companies.
  • The sum insured by commercial insurance is not high enough to cover expenses incurred in the event of an employee accident
SBC smart human resource solutions (overview)
  • Employer worry-free insurance plan

    It is applicable to labour-intensive enterprises that are sensitive to costs; a wide range of insurance types, including accidental injury, accidental medical treatment and hospitalization allowance; high insurance amount, with a compensation rate of employee casualties much higher than that of injury insurance; fast claim settlement, with compensation completed within 10-30 working days

  • Shebaotong on-line platform

    Support enterprises to complete a series of operations, such as payment, adjustment and supplementary payment through on-line platform and API development port, and offer other services such as deadline reminder, policy information and counseling

  • On-line operation platform

    Support staff changes anytime and anywhere; determine the next month's insurance list at the end of the month; settle premiums monthly, which take effect from zero o 'clock on 1st of next month; allow enterprises to identify the beneficiary according to actual demands, with easy on-line operation

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