• Retail chains

    Applicable to hotels, entertainment, clothing, beauty and other industries, and aims to solve
    problems involved in social insurance/provident fund payment and employees' entry in different places

    A chain brand with many branches in lots of cities faces risks in case of employees' entry in different places, entailing tedious process like submission information and contract signing in the headquarters. Also, multiple social security accounts are required to be set up for local social insurance payment/provident fund payment by enterprises for their employees working at branches. Policies vary among cities, so do payment time and base.

    DORA assistant enables employees to submit personal information on-line, sign electronic contracts, apply for entry in other places, which simplifies the entry process and mitigate risks for affixing seal; Shebaotong allow enterprises for on-line social security/provident fund account opening, payment, agency, and supplementary payment; a series of value-added services help companies reduce operating costs and improve office efficiency

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  • Catering industry has a volatile demand for labour, and in the peak of holiday season will face labour shortage; Catering brick-and-mortar stores mostly adopt irregular working system; "Work every other day, morning and night shifts, work overtime during rush hours" and other conditions make scheduling become a hard job besides affect attendance statistics and salary settlement

    To solve the problems, Zhaopintong can provide short, medium and long term projects and personnel outsourcing, while helping with the whole process of recruitment and talent tool building; HR SAAS, with built-in public holidays, supports scheduling, enabling enterprises to adjust holidays according to their own needs; intelligent scheduling function can meet the different scheduling demands of different stores, regions and departments, and employees can self-check the scheduling

    Food and beverage industry

    Applicable to catering stores, food processing and other industries,aiming at solving the difficulties of recruitment and scheduling

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  • Financial and real estate industry

    Applicable to insurance sales, real estate agents and other posts troubled
    with high employee turnover and complex salary calculation

    Financial real estate industry has a high employee turnover rate, due to a big team of sales staff, low post threshold, fierce competition, and great pressure of performance evaluation; salary of sales man consisting of base salary and performance commission, plus different performance indicators for different personnels, which also increases the difficulty and complexity of calculation.

    Zhaopintong, in order to solve the problems, provide a "origin to destination" one-stop service to help companies recruit people to fill some or all the posts; assist in the preparation of recruitment plans, and lock the talents needed and qualified from out of the vast resume database to complete recruitment tasks quickly; further, it customizes salary items, enables syntax compatible with Excel, supports intermediate parameters, providing one-key accurate calculation of attendance, social security, and income taxes; and generating complete salary report, payroll, income tax returns.

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  • Logistics and transportation industry is a risky sector. Aside from limited insurance coverage for work-related injuries, there are expenses such as rehabilitation expenses and lost work expenses for the enterprises to cover. Also, the higher risk of occupational injury puts them under pressure of a higher cost when buying commercial insurance.

    To solve the problems, Pubaotong, as a third-party Internet agency platform with abundant experience in cooperation with well-known insurance companies, insurance agent qualification recognized by CIRC and filing, provides a comprehensive commercial insurance service for enterprises, covering the employer's liability insurance, accident insurance, health insurance and other insurance, while enabling self-renewal and on-line fast settlement of claims.

    Logistics and transportation industry

    Applicable to express delivery, distribution and other posts troubled with a high risk of employment

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  • Internet industry

    Applicable to the Internet, entrepreneurial and other companies
    for greater employee benefits and satisfaction

    Internet workers are generally younger than other sectors, who desire more a sense of concern and autonomy in terms of benefits, while rejecting traditional pattern and system of welfare payment as unfit for their personalized needs, turning welfare payments into a thankless task, or even sort of chicken ribs.

    To solve the problems,ZhenFuli offers flexible benefits solutions to businesses, transforming benefit budget into points for employees' flexible use, thus meeting their individual needs; also, Pubaotong provides accident insurance, health insurance and other commercial insurance for employees and their family.

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