Why are your employees envious of "other company"?

  • Complex entry process

    Employees are required to provide copies and original documents upon entry,fill in abundant information; it is time consuming and laborious with hidden risks to deliver personnel records from branches to the headquarters.

  • Welfare becomes kind of chicken ribs

    Holidays and benefits always come in the same old way.Costly enterprise procurement only bring about things failing to appeal to the employees

  • Difficult to access to information

    Monthly and historical wages, social security and provident fund payment details...... the detailed information that employees care about lack of unified approach to access

  • Colleague estrangement

    Poor interaction among departments leading to poor daily communication.New employees need a long time to fit in and adapt

A personal assistant to serve employees in their work and life

Pay attention to what concerns employees most concern; Provide what employees want most

Application for experience
  • Simplify process

    Empower employees with a mobile desk

    Support self-service on-line entry, submission of personal information, one-key signing of contract.Mobile application and approval, reminder function, and full use of fragmented time

  • Upgraded benefits

    Turn receiving of benefits into a pleasant surprise

    Integrate diversified supply chains to enable enterprise purchase at ultra low prices;Flexible benefits are available for annual birthday benefits, health examination, and employee outreach;On-line selection and home delivery avoid differentiated consumption with full coverage of scenes.

  • Query optimization

    An all-around assistant to employees

    Self-service inquiry into salary details and payment details of social security provident fund and commercial insurance;Support commercial insurance, on-line purchase and reimbursement

  • Interactive platform

    Close ties between colleagues

    Company-wide colleagues circle allows for query of colleagues' information without adding friends. Personal information and phone number of every colleague is readily available

How do we facilitate our employees

Abundant supply chains enabling companies to purchase at ultra-low prices

Flexible benefits are available to employees at their discretion

Support home delivery through express

Support customized benefits package

DORA assistant

Self-service entry procedures

One-key query about payment details of social insurance premiums, salary details and other data

On-line submission, approval reminder, and expense reimbursement

On-line independent choice of benefits

Upload medical card on-line and apply for commercial insurance settlement

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